Ways to Stop Payday Loan Scams

Updated on November 16, 2018 in Tips
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Debt collectors can be ruthless sometimes, calling odd hours of the day and night, and threatening you with legal action including arrest and violence if they don’t get paid. Speaking with a lot of authority, they may use foul language and they don’t think twice to lie who they really are, which company they are calling from and what they will do to you if you don’t comply with their demands immediately.

The truth is, these particular callers aren’t debt collectors. They are a bunch of extortionists and scammers, calling from different geographical locations. An instance of the capabilities of these men and women conduct this great injustice practice include a company in America which allegedly parted ways with $5 million before FTC stepped in.

Numerous reports and communications have been circulated on how to spot payday loan scammers. But what if you know the call is a scam and you want to stand up for yourself and end the call? Might be a question you may be asking. Here are some strategies you may adopt while engaging these scammers.

  • Don’t engage. Once you have known the call is a scam, hang up the phone and don’t engage them in the first place. Be keen not to provide any information to them as they don’t deserve your time and attention
  • Ask for written verification. If you indeed have defaulted on a payday loan you are worried this might be a real attempt by the debt collectors, ask and insist on a written notification or verification to help you with your judgment.
  • Turn the tables on them. For instance if the caller threatens you that they are going to take you to court, ask them for the case number and the dates for the court case. Show no fear to them.
  • Record and report. It’s important for you to record and save the telephone conversation and report it to the nearest police station
  • Hire a lawyer. Having a lawyer assist to scare away scammers as they know the call is headed for a dead end.
  • Have fun with it. As the payday loan scammers try to scare and intimidate you, you might have just gotten an opportunity to have a laugh and some fun yourself. Be creative as you also play them in their own game

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